Information security is a business issue, not just a technology issue.

As your business invests in new technology in order to become more connected with customers, prospects, employees and suppliers, it is important to view information security as a business issue, not just a technology issue. Security threats and vulnerabilities challenge every organization today, making it a priority for companies to establish security architectures that are more dynamic, automated and services-oriented.

OnX enables organizations to:

  • Assess security risks and challenges
    — Develop an enterprise security strategy
    — Prioritize risk exposures to roadmap solutions
    — Optimize data center environment and integrate new technology
  • Protect networks, data, users, applications and endpoints
    — Micro segment application access
    — Unify user identity management and single sign on [SSO and SIM ]
    — Encrypt, replicate and recover data
    — Manage mobile apps and devices
  • Detect security threats, exposures and attacks
    — Malware, DDoS and access controls
    — Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    — Security information events
  • Respond to attacks and remediate deficiencies
    — Loss mitigation and corrective action
    — Holistic SIEM analytics response
    — SOC management


Discover How You Can Protect Your Critical Data from Attacks with OnX Secure

OnX Secure


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OnX’s solution for a Canada-based food manufacturer demonstrates the right way to upgrade network security in a mid-sized corporation at a substantial discount to the cost of hiring additional information security staff.
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