Protect your business data with OnX fully managed data protection and disaster recovery solutions.

Ensure your business infrastructure and critical systems are protected from malicious activity or unplanned downtime through effective and proven data backup and data recovery solutions. And now you can take advantage of the public cloud option for data backup to Microsoft Azure.

The level to which your organization protects itself from a technology disaster is a matter of risk assessment and planned preparedness, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

What impact will downtime have on the survivability of your business in the context of your bottom line, your ability to service your customers and the reputation of your brand? For many organizations that run mission-critical applications, downtime can result in immediate financial losses and a long road to recovery.

OnX can assist you with meaningful data recovery strategies to help you mitigate your exposure and establish measurable recovery time objectives, provide a Test Phase engagement in the program and provide a Letter of Test Performance once completed so that you and your entire team can rest assured that you are prepared.

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Disaster Recovery from OnX includes a suite of data protection services to backup critical data from your data center to OnX’s top-tier certified data centers and now Microsoft Azure public cloud. Let the OnX team of storage and information management specialists guide you towards the the relevant data backup option for your business.

  • Improve availability of critical infrastructure & applications
  • Exceed security and compliance standards
  • Data backup and restore of servers, laptops and devices
  • Guaranteed testing of restore capabilities
  • Letter of Test Performance provided



Disaster Recovery and Backup

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