Receive SharePoint delivered as-a-service, configured to your unique requirements.

Delivered as-a-service, OnX can help you migrate your existing older version of SharePoint with no impact to your users and maintain strict data security and compliance requirements. OnX will configure manage, and host SharePoint for your unique business and to match your branding requirements and help establish ongoing governance rules.

SharePoint 2013 delivers on the promise of access to information and documentation in a secure platform from anywhere, on any device, at any given time.


Unite users to share information, data, and expertise across your organization. Modify documents remotely with version control and view edits.

Improved Efficiency

Empower your people to work together in ways that are most effective for them. Collaborate in groups, share knowledge and ideas and connect with colleagues.

Advanced Search

Quickly find the content, information, and resources you need through advanced search capabilities. All information in SharePoint is searchable in an easy to use interface.

  • Certified developers customize SharePoint and provide ongoing application support management
  • SharePoint resides in a dual data center high availability cloud
  • Employees from any location can access documents in SharePoint on the cloud. Drag and drop saving of emails to SharePoint
Sharepoint as a Service
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