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Real-Time Analytics to Deliver Visibility and Insight into Business Operations

OnX Operational Intelligence:

Gain Holistic Insight into IT Operations & Security with Real-Time Operational Intelligence Technology

Nearly every facet of your business is powered by sophisticated technology, and while no one can deny the tremendous advantages, a problem can escalate quickly and cause headaches across the organization.

Operational Intelligence (OI) technology drives the agility and responsiveness needed to keep issues or threats from damaging your business.

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Operations Analytics enables your IT staff to quickly correlate and monitor data from multiple divisions to quickly identify problems.
• What used to take days now takes minutes
• IT staff can be deployed quickly and correctly
• IT can view problems the same way the users do


Using a Big Data approach to security, Security Intelligence helps IT staff:

• Identify network anomalies in real time
• Flag threats to deploy appropriate defenses
• Trace the network path taken by the hacker

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OnX’s Operational Intelligence solutions provide maximum visibility into your IT operations so you can make real-time decisions and detect and respond to security threats as they happen.
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Why OnX?

OnX can help you assess, design, build, secure and manage your Operational Intelligence solution based on your unique business needs and challenges. Our expert team of software account executives and solution architects can help guide your path to realizing the potential of OI software and technologies. We scan our vast network of ISVs and applications and build a plan to fold them all together into an Operational Intelligence solution that provides a holistic, real-time view of your entire operation.

Our OnX OnDemand Residency Services team can augment your in-house capabilities by bringing highly skilled IT staff onsite to complete special projects or to help manage your everyday operational needs.


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